About Us

What is the University of Melbourne Open Research Community?

The University of Melbourne Open Research Community is a part of the Melbourne Open Research Network (MORN), a collection of researchers and research-associated workers in Melbourne, Australia. It aims to facilitate the growth of Open practices by bringing together independently motivated and like-minded people, and providing a platform for the sharing of resources. MORN is a member of the Australia and New Zealand Open Research Network (ANZORN), a meta-organisation supporting Open Research activities throughout the region.
Not sure if you're an open researcher? Come along to some of our events, or fill in the survey so we can link you up with some local friends.
MORN is inspired by the Open Science Community Utrecht.

What is Open Science

Open science is a term describing a variety of practices directed at maximising the transparency of research, and ultimately leading to maximisation of public goods. These include: Open Access Publication, Open Data, Open Methodology, Open Source Software, Open educational resources & Open peer review.

Interim Webmaster


Martin Bush

Interim Webmaster

Martin is a Research Fellow in History and Philosophy of Science and a member of the IMeRG.